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King Crimson "The VROOOM Sessions 1994" CLUB8 - Collectors' Club

The 8th Collectors' Club release (December, 1999 / January, 2000). This is a series of snapshots from the VROOOM rehearsals at Applehead Studios, Woodstock, New York, April-May 1994, which lead to the VROOOM EP. This release consists mostly of unreleased compositions (no vocals) that did not get finished and used on the ensuing albums.
1. Bass Groove (Reheasal 21st April)
2. Fashionable (Reheasal 20th April)
3. Monster Jam (Recording Session 4th May)
4. Slow Mellow (Rehearsal 26th April)
5. Krim 3 (Rehearsal 26th April)
6. Funky Jam (Recording Session 4th May)
7. Bill & Tony (Rehearsal 28th April)
8. No Questions Asked (Rehearsal 23rd April)
9. Adrian's Clouds (Rehearsal 22nd April)
10. Calliope (Rehearsal 23rd April)
11. One Time (Rehearsal 28th April)
12. Booga Looga (Rehearsal 23rd April)

Robert Fripp - Guitar, Soundscapes
Adrian Belew - Guitar
Trey Gunn - Stick
Tony Levin - Basses, Stick
Pat Mastelotto - Acoustic & Electronic Drums & Percussion
Bill Bruford - Acoustic & Electronic Drums & Percussion

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