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King Crimson "Live in Detroit, MI, Dec. 13, 1971" CLUB18 - Collectors' Club

The 18th Collectors' Club release (October, 2001). King Crimson, Live in Detroit, MI, Dec. 13, 1971.
"Our first two shows in the United States were in Detroit at the East Town Theater. This recording is the second of those shows. Of all the live concert performances of this band that I've heard so far,I think this has by far the best sound. Also, it's a sonic representation of the band at the peak of its powers, before the rot set in and the music changed." - Ian Wallace.
Disc 1
1. Pictures Of A City
2. Formentera Lady
3. Sailor's Tale
4. Cirkus
5. Ladies Of The Road
6. Groon (Part I)
7. Groon (Part II)
Disc 2
1. 21st Century Schizoid Man
2. Mars
3. In The Court of The Crimson King
4. Lady Of The Dancing Water (incomplete)

Boz Burrell - Bass, Lead Vocals
Mel Collins - Flute, Sax, Mellotron
Robert Fripp - Guitar, Mellotron
Ian Wallace - Drums, Vocals
Peter Sinfield - Words, Sounds & Visions

Produced by David Singleton and Alex R Mundy on behalf of King Crimson & The King Crimson Collectors' Club.
Digital editing: Alex R Mundy.
Photography: Robert Ellis.
Sleeve notes: Ian Wallace.
Design: Hugh O'Donnell.

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