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Can "Rite Time" (1989)

An unexpected reunion from Can (made even more unexpected by the presence of original singer Malcolm Mooney, who left the band in 1969), 1989's Rite Time is in large part a return to form for the group, especially when one considers how weak Can's last few '70s albums were.
Wisely, the quintet doesn't try to replicate the sound they created over two decades before on albums like Monster Movie. Instead, Mooney and company make Rite Time a document of where they're at musically at the time. In short, it's funkier ("Give the Drummer Some"), funnier ("Hoolah Hoolah," which takes that old schoolyard rhyme about how they don't wear pants on the other side of France as the jumping-off point for its melody and lyrics), and more abstractly ambient (the elliptical closer "In the Distance Lies the Future") than before. Rite Time doesn't have the rubbery, polyrhythmic intensity of classic Can albums like Ege Bamyasi or Future Days, but it's a solidly listenable album that, unlike the majority of reunion albums, doesn't soil the memory of the band.

1. On the Beautiful Side of a Romance (7:27)
2. The Withoutlaw Man (4:18)
3. Below This Level (Patient's Song) (3:44)
4. Movin' Right Along (3:28)
5. Like a New Child (7:36)
6. Hoolah Hoolah (4:31)
7. Give the Drummer Some (6:47)
8. In the Distance Lies the Future (4:00)

Can - Rite Time Special - Part 6 

Holger Czukay – bass, French horn
Michael Karoli – guitar
Jaki Liebezeit – drums
Irmin Schmidt – keyboards
Malcolm Mooney – vocals

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