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King Crimson "Live Zurich, Nov. 15, 1973" CLUB41 - Collectors' Club

For the 1972- 1974 version of King Crimson, developing and writing new material was, as Bill Bruford memorably noted in his autobiography, 'excruciating, teeth-pullingly difficult music-making."

When The Mincer appeared on Starless & Bible Black it represented a new way of approaching the process for Crimson; taking live improvisations and then editing and over-dubbing new parts to create an interesting hybrid.
In an exclusive interview, Crimson violinist David Cross talks about this approach in the liner notes to this concert.
Although parts of this show recorded at ZurichÕs Volkhaus on the 15th November 1973 have been previously released on disc 4 of theGreat Deceiver box set, this is the first time the entire performance that night has seen the light of day.
Using bootleg sources to restore that section of the gig originally excised to create The Mincer, David Singleton and Alex Mundy have recreated an evening of music which underscores Crimson's reputation as one of the classic must-see live acts of the 70s.

David Cross - violin, mellotron, electric piano
Robert Fripp - guitar, mellotron, electric piano
John Wetton - bass guitar, vocals
Bill Bruford - drums, percussion

1 Walk On... No Pussyfooting
2 Improv: Some Pussyfooting
3 Larks' Tongues In Aspic: Part I
4 RF Announcement
5 Lament
6 Peace A Theme
7 Cat Food
8 The Night Watch
9 Fracture

1 The Law Of Maximum Distress: Part I
2 Improv: The Mincer
3 The Law Of Maximum Distress: Part II
4 Easy Money
5 Exiles
6 Improv: Some More Pussyfooting
7 The Talking Drum
8 Larks' Tongues In Aspic: Part II
9 21st Century Schizoid Man

Produced by David Singleton and Alex R Mundy on behalf of King Crimson & the King Crimson CollectorsÕ Club

Recorded November 15, 1973
at Volkshaus, Zurich, Switzerland

Digital editing: Alex R Mundy

Design: Hugh O'Donnell

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