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King Crimson "Live in Argentina, 1994 (2xDVD-A)" CLUB47 - Collectors' Club

As any fan fortunate enough to have seen the double trio lineup will tell you – even by King Crimson’s high standards – this was a spectacular live band. While a return of King Crimson had been planned as early as 1990, it was only in 1992 that the idea of a double trio line-up emerged as the ideal and it took until 1994 to get all the necessary musicians and plans sufficiently in place.
The new band recorded the mini album “VROOOM” in the Spring of 1994 and, following further rehearsals in the summer and early autumn, performed a series of concerts in Argentina, including a run of shows at Teatro Broadway, Buenos Aires in October. This 2 disc set features a full matinee and evening concert from that venue. Taking in material from as far back as 1972, with pieces from “Larks’ Tongues in Aspic”, the title track from 1974’s “Red”, songs and instrumentals from each of the 1980s album trilogy and new material from VROOOM and THRAK (which was recorded soon after these gigs), the shows present a band with an abundance of material old & new, eager to perform and with the full support of an audience ready to celebrate King Crimson’s return to the stage.

Disc 1 

Coda: Marine 475
Frame by Frame
Sex, Sleep, Eat, Drink, Dream
One Time
Improv:Two Sticks
Elephant Talk
Matte Kudasai
The Talking Drum
Larks’ Tongues in Aspic: Part II

Disc 2: additional tracks:
Coda: Marine 475

Robert Fripp - Guitar, Soundscapes, 
Adrian Belew - Guitar, Voice, Words 
Tony Levin - Upright & Electric Basses, Backing Vocals
Trey Gunn - Stick, Backing Vocals 
Bill Bruford & Pat Mastelotto - Acoustic & Electronic Percussions

The audio/video section of each disc is playable in DTS 4 channel surround or LPCM stereo.

Fans with DVD-A players can access an additional audio disc layer with full MLP Lossless sound.

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