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King Crimson "Rehearsals & Blows (May-November 1983)" CLUB42 - Collectors' Club

Taken together with The Champaign-Urbana Sessions (CLUB21), the work-in-progress sketches, outtakes, bright ideas, dead-ends and cul-de-sacs gathered here provide a kind of counter-factual, alternative history to King Crimson’s catalogue; a shadow album that traces those points where things came together or fell apart in the trying, where ideas either bloomed or withered
Speaking after the release of Three Of A Perfect Pair in 1984, Bill Bruford commented upon the album that took the group a year not so much to make as it did to find. “It did take quite a while...It’s kind of the fourth album with this version of the band. You see, we recorded one LP and more or less dumped it. We couldn’t quite see the way it was working out. When we reconvened the problems we had just evaporated! Sometimes, time is the only thing you need. Just to get away. And then suddenly the project was on its feet again and we knew where it was going and what to do.” Sid Smith.

1 Adrian And Robert
2 Slow Groove
3 Funk Groove
4 Sleepish
5 Slow Sleepless
6 An Entry Of The Crims
7 Sacramento
8 Perfecting Three Of A Perfect Pair
9 Open Hearted
10 Working On Sleepless
11 Easy To Solo Over
12 Do You Dig Me?
13 Industrial
14 Steinberger Melody
15 Shidare Zakura

Adrian Belew - guitar
Robert Fripp - guitar
Tony Levin - bass guitar & Stick
Bill Bruford - drums

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