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King Crimson "Live in Nashville, November 9 & 10, 2001" - CLUB19 Collectors' Club

The 19th Collectors' Club release (February, 2002). King Crimson, Live in Nashville, TN, November 9 & 10 2001.
"We sounded fantastically powerful, that much I know. But, we did have some spectacularly sour moments. We wouldn't want to let Nashville down by leaving out the 'brown moments', now would we? Nashville has always seen the beginning shows of our tours, so they are especially privy to our first meanderings within these pieces. We have a new stage set-up. Pat on the left up front. Robert on the right up front. Me, next to Pat slightly back center. Adrian, next to Robert slightly back center. This has radically changed our interactions as a band." - Trey Gunn
1. Dangerous Curves
2. Level Five
3. The ConstruKction Of Light
4. ProzaKc Blues
5. eleKtriK
6. Thela Hun Ginjeet
7. Virtuous Circle
8. Elephant Talk
9. Larks' Tongues In Aspic: Part IV
10. The Deception Of The Thrush
11. Red

Adrian Belew - Guitar and Vocals
Robert Fripp - Guitar
Trey Gunn - Warr Guitar
Pat Mastelotto - Drumming
Produced by David Singleton and Alex R Mundy on behalf of King Crimson & the King Crimson Collectors' Club

FOH engineer: Greg Dean
Digital editing: Alex R Mundy

Photography: Bill Munyon, Michael Wilson (back cover)
Sleeve notes: Trey Gunn
Design: Hugh O'Donnell

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