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King Crimson "Live in Mexico City" ( 2–4 August 1996) 1999

Live in Mexico City is a live album by band King Crimson, first released as a free Windows Media Audio download in 1999. Some tracks later appeared on the live albums Cirkus: The Young Persons' Guide to King Crimson Live (1999) and Vrooom Vrooom (2001), and as part of the expanded "THRAK BOX" in 2015.

Recorded at the Metropolitan Theater, Mexico City, Mexico, 2–4 August 1996

King Crimson "The Sun King - Pt 1" 1982

Recorded Live at Velodromo Vigorelli, Milan, Italy en August 30, 1982

01- Waiting Man
02- Thela Hun Ginjeet
03- Red
04- Matte Kudasai
05- The Sheltering Sky
06- Neal And Jack And Me
07- Elephant Talk
08- Indiscipline
09- Larks´ Tongues In Aspic, PT,2

250 copies

King Crimson "The Compact King Crimson (1969–1984)" 1986

The Compact King Crimson is a compilation of songs by the British progressive rock band King Crimson, selected by Robert Fripp from the two different eras of the band

King Crimson "Heavy ConstruKction" 2000

Heavy ConstruKction is a live album (3-CD set), incorporating video footage, by the band King Crimson, released by Discipline Global Mobile records in 2000. The album features recordings from King Crimson's European tour of May to July 2000, taken from DAT recordings of the front-of-house mixing desk.

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King Crimson ‎"Screetch!" 1995

recorded live in San Diego/CA on June 28, 1995. 
The bonus tracks are taken from a Robert Fripp Solo performance in San Diego/CA on January 27, 1995.

The Desert Sessions ‎– Vol IV / Hard Walls And Little Trips 1998

Volume 4: Hard Walls and Little Trips is the fourth extended play (EP) by American desert rock collective The Desert Sessions. Recorded in June 1998 at Monkey Studios, it was released by Man's Ruin Records on September 22, 1998. The album features twelve credited musicians, including Josh Homme, Nick Oliveri and Mario Lalli.[2][3][4][5] It was later re-released with Volume 3: Set Coordinates for the White Dwarf!!! as Volumes 3 & 4. The fourth Desert Sessions EP was recorded in sessions between June 23 and 26, 1998 at Monkey Studios in Palm Springs, California.

Kyuss ‎"Into The Void" 1996

A Into The Void
Mixed By – Fred Drake
Recorded By – Billy Bizea*, Fred Drake
B Fatso Forgetso
Mixed By – Hutch (4), Josh*
Producer – Hutch (4), Kyuss
Recorded By – Fred Drake
Written-By – Josh*

The Desert Sessions Vol. III - 1998

1. Nova (3:23)
2. At The Helm Of Hells Ships (4:04)
3. Avon (3:23)
4. Sugar Rush (4:17)

The Desert Sessions - Vol II. Status: Ships Commander Butchered 1997

Recorded August 5-12, 1997 at Rancho De La Luna, Joshua Tree, CA. Mastered at Future Disc, Hollywood, CA

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Queens of the Stone Age "Beaver - Split" 1998

The Split CD (also known as The Split 10" on vinyl) is a 1998 split EP featuring tracks from Queens of the Stone Age and Beaver. It is currently out of print and rare.[1]

The songs "The Bronze" and "These Aren't the Droids You're Looking For" were later included in the 2011 reissue of Queens of the Stone Age's self-titled debut album, originally released in 1998.[1]

The songs "Morocco" and "Absence Without Leave" are misprinted, and are labeled for the opposite songs.

King Crimson "The Young Persons' Guide To King Crimson (Vinyl, LP 1976

A Young Person's Guide to King Crimson is a 2-LP compilation album by the band King Crimson, released in 1976. At the time the band had split. The track selection was by Robert Fripp.

Its name is most likely derived either from the famous orchestral work The Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra from composer Benjamin Britten or the 1960s television series Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra, created by conductor/composer Leonard Bernstein.

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Giles & Giles and Fripp "Cheerful Insanity of Giles Giles & Fripp" 1968

The Cheerful Insanity of Giles, Giles and Fripp is a 1968 album from the English group Giles, Giles and Fripp. The United States LP had a different cover than the original UK version.

The music shows a mix of pop, psychedelic rock, folk, and classical, influences. In addition to 13 songs, the album contains two comedic spoken word pieces, "The Saga of Rodney Toady" and "Just George", which are interspersed between the songs.

King Crimson ‎"Pandemonium" 1969

Live In London BBC May 6th 1969
01 in the court of the crimson king

live at Plumpton festival,August 9th, 1969
02. 21st century schizoid man
03. get the bearings
04. devils triangle
05. crimson blues
06. in the court of the crimson king

Greg Lake — (vocals, bass)
Robert Fripp -(guitars)
Ian McDonald — (reeds, woodwind, vibes, keyboards, vocals)
Michael Giles — (drums)

CD, Unofficial Release 
País: Italy 1990.

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King Crimson ‎"Talk Sex With A Total Stranger" 1992

1 Lark's Tongues In Aspic, Part One
2 Easy Money
3 Train To Health
4 Lark's Tongues In Aspic, Part Two
5 The Great Deceiver
6 Lament
7 The Night Watch
8 Starless And Bible Black

Tracks 1,2,3,4 recorded live at Richard's Club, Atlanta, GA, June 23, 1973.
Tracks 5,6,7,8 recorded live the Stanley Warner Theater, Pittsburgh, PA, April 29, 1974
CD, Unofficial Release
País: Italy 1992

King Crimson ‎ "A Weird Person's Guide To ... Vol. 2" 1994

Recording quality varies, from fair quality live tapes to studio quality outtakes and singles. “Late Night” is the Fripp and Eno tape that was played before shows. is the best quality Muir track to surface so far, but is incomplete, ending before the David Cross solo section that leads into the final coda

King Crimson ‎"A Weird Person's Guide To King Crimson 1994 vol 1" 1994

Paris, TV Studios 1974, Rehearsals
1–King Crimson Trio - A Strange One
2–King Crimson Night Watch 6:47

King Crimson ‎"Sleepless In Japan" 1991

1 Thela Hun Ginjeet 5:36
2 Frame By Frame 3:59
3 Matte Kudasai 3:29
4 Dig Me 3:31
5 Sleepless 5:44
6 Satori In Tangier 4:20
7 Indiscipline 8:54
8 Heartbeat 3:58
9 Elephant Talk 5:44

Bass – Tony Levin
Drums – Bill Bruford
Guitar – Adrian Belew, Robert Fripp
Vocals – Adrian Belew, Tony Levin

Pirated From The MTV broadcast Of The "Three Of A Perfect Pair Live In Japan" 
País: Italy

King Crimson "Book Of Saturday" 1974

All songs recorded live in Amsterdam, autumn 1974

1. Easy Money (05:55)
2. La Ment (04:00)
3. Book of Saturday (02:40)
4. Exiles (05:41)
5. Medley: The Mincer/Talking Drum (17:05)
6. 21St Century Schizoid Man (09:13)

William Scott Bruford, David Francis Cross, Robert Fripp, Jamie Muir, Richard William Palmer James and John Kenneth Wetton....

País: Luxembourg Feb 1990

King Crimson "Ladies Of The Road: Live 1971-1972" 2002

A two-volume Special Edition of live performances during 1971-72 drawn from the archives of the King Crimson Collectors' Club. Volume One: Ladies Of The Road is a series of performances beginning with the play-in shows at the Zoom Club, Frankfurt through to the final Earthbound tour of America. Volume Two: Schizoid Men is a compilation of sax & guitar solos played during performances of 21st Century Schizoid Man throughout its life.

King Crimson "EleKtriK (Live In Japan 2003)" 2003

Recorded at Tokyo, Kouseinenkin Kaikan, April 16, 2003