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King Crimson "Live in Warsaw, June 11, 2000 CLUB28 Collectors' Club

King Crimson
Live in Warsaw
June 11, 2000
I love Poland. And I'm not entirely sure why. I remember this feeling when we were here with the double trio. There was an incredible warmth. Perhaps it is Chopin, one of the classical composers who's music I most identify with. I don't know The venue tonight was doing a long run of Peter Pan. We just came in for the two nights and then they would go back to their Peter production. What this meant was that all of the stage props were behind us and just off the stage. There was the giant crocodile and the pirate ship and all sorts of other strange things.....Trey Gunn

Disc One
1. ProzaKc Blues
2. The ConstruKction Of Light
3. The World's My Oyster Soup Kitchen Floor Wax Museum
4. Improv: Warsaw
5. Dinosaur
6. One Time
8. Cage

Disc Two
1. Into The Frying Pan
2. Larks' Tongues In Aspic: Part Four
3. Three Of A Perfect Pair
4. The Deception Of The Thrush
5. Sex, Sleep, Eat, Drink, Dream
6. Heroes
King Crimson Live in Warsaw 10 June 2000 

Adrian Belew - guitar & vocals
Robert Fripp - guitar
Trey Gunn - touch guitar, ashbory bass, talker
Pat Mastelotto - electronic drumming

Produced by David Singleton and Alex R Mundy on behalf of
King Crimson & the King Crimson Collectors' Club

Recorded June 11, 2000
at Roma, Warsaw, Poland

FOH Sound Engineer: George Glossop

Digital editing: Alex R Mundy

Photography: Bill Munyon
Design: Hugh O'Donnell

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