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King Crimson "Live in Milan, June 20, 2003" CLUB39 - Collectors' Club

"That is what makes this such a great show. The light and shade within the set, the dynamics within the numbers themselves and the thoughtful pacing of the different numbers. This isn't a band going through the motions. This is a band with no passengers, actively listening to each other, taking risks and working with each other to push boundaries" - John Kimber.

Disc One
1. Introductory Soundscape
2. The Power To Believe I
3. Level Five
4. ProzaKc Blues
5. The ConstruKction Of Light
6. Facts Of Life
7. EleKtriK
8. The Power To Believe II
9. Dinosaur

Disc Two
1. One Time
2. Happy With What You Have To Be Happy With
3. Dangerous Curves
4. Larks' Tongues In Aspic: Part Four
5. The Power To Believe III
6. Elephant Talk
7. Red

Adrian Belew - guitar & vocals
Robert Fripp - guitar, soundscapes
Trey Gunn - touch guitar
Pat Mastelotto - acoustic and electronic drumming

Produced by David Singleton and Alex R Mundy on behalf of
King Crimson & the King Crimson Collectors' Club

Recorded June 20, 2003
at Teatro Smeraldo, Milan, Italy

FOH Sound Engineer: Greg Dean

Digital editing: Alex R Mundy

Photography: Bill Munyon
Design: Hugh O'Donnell

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